Thomas Hampson
Voice Master Class & Live Webcast (2015)
Recipient of the CILC Pinnacle Award
(4th consecutive year)
Kimball Sykes, Clarinet
Manhattan on the Rideau to Canada's National Arts Centre
Sarah Willis, French Horn
Orchestral Clinic from the Berlin Philharmonic
Pinchas Zukerman, Violin
Master Class from Canada's National Arts Centre
Timothy Kain, Guitar
Tri-College Guitar Series, from Australia National University
Justin DiCioccio, Jazz Drums
Coaching to Shanghai Conservatory of Music
2015 Thomas Hampson Voice Masterclass
Q & A with Online Audience
Watch Now
Kenny Barron, Jazz Piano
Manhattan on the Rideau Jazz Series to Canada's National Arts Centre
Dave Liebman, Jazz Saxophone
Manhattan on the Rideau Jazz Series to Canada's National Arts Centre
Pinchas Zukerman
MSM's Live Inaugural Webcast
Thomas Hampson
Instrumental Coaching & Webcast (2010)
John Riley, Jazz Drums
Clinic to Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, Finland
Thomas Hampson
Master Class to the Curtis Institute of Music
Tri-College Guitar Series
Australia National University, Eastman School of Music
Michael Cabe
Journey Through Jazz to Pierce, NE
Daniel Andai, Violin (Miami Symphony)
William Hestand, Bassoon (Cleveland Orchestra)
from New World Symphony and Cleveland Institute of Music
Mark Steinberg, Chamber Music
to the Royal Danish Academy of Music
Mischa Elman Studio
November 17th at 10:00am
Erik T. Tawaststjerna and Hui-Ying Liu, Piano
from the Sibelius Academy
Mischa Elman Studio
November 19th at 10:00am
Tim Frederiksen, Chamber Music
from the Royal Danish Academy of Music
Mischa Elman Studio
December 1st at 9:00am
Paul Silverthorne, Viola
from the London Symphony Orchestra
Mischa Elman Studio
December 10th at 9:00am
Steven Cohen, Clarinet
from Northwestern University, Bienen School of Music
Mischa Elman Studio
February 25th at 10:00am

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