Community Programs

  • Broadway Babies: A Jazzy Look at Broadway

    Join our musicians on an exciting virtual field trip as they perform incredible jazz numbers from the Ziegfeld Follies to the present day on the Great White Way. Learn how the Gershwin brothers, Cole Porter, and other famous musical hit makers came to create their unforgettable shows. What were their inspirations? How was their music affected by what was going on around them during the time? A wonderful in-depth look at the history of Jazz on Broadway.

  • Jazzy Themes, Classical Matters

    What did Jelly Roll Morton learn from Johann Sebastian Bach? How is Oscar Peterson's musical style similar to that of Claude Debussy? Our teaching artists explore these very questions as they show you how some of the greatest jazz musicians have been influenced by Classical masters. Though they seem worlds apart, many jazz tunes are based on concepts from the classical world. Help our musicians identify themes, patterns, and rhythms from selected classical and jazz favorites. A presentation that crosses stylistic divisions in an entertaining and informative way.

  • Music of the Big Band Era

    Join us for an entertaining program where our musicians show you how to swing! Find out what a standard jazz big band looks and sounds like, learn about each instrument’s role in the group, and discover the “swing feel”. Then, get a good look at the anatomy of a big band tune – you’ll even get to help our teaching artist trio compose one on the spot!

    45 minutes or one regular class period
  • Rat Pack Favorites: Music from Frank, Sammy, and all their pals

    Everyone knows the Rat Pack – the ultimate in cool back in the 1960s. But just how did this random group of musicians and actors become the inimitable Rat Pack? What songs do you identify with each member? How did the events of the day make them stars? Join our teaching artist trio as they discover and explore these iconic superstars and their memorable hits.

  • The Biggest Hits in Jazz: From the Charleston to Herbie Hancock

    Take a trip through history as you rediscover jazz’s greatest hits. Join our teaching artist trio on a whirlwind musical voyage from the 1920s to the present day. Hear familiar tunes and learn the stories behind these unforgettable favorites – who wrote them and why? How did they become so well known? A toe-tapping journey that is both enlightening and entertaining!

  • The Jazz Composer

    Join our teaching artists as they discuss the unique musical approaches of four diverse jazz composers: Billy Strayhorn, Bill Evans, Thelonious Monk and Wayne Shorter. Discover interesting details of their education, career and influences, and enjoy live performances of some of their greatest compositions. An informative look into a variety of musical techniques and personal style.

    45 minutes
  • The Music of World War II: Songs of Hope and Love

    Learn about the historical and cultural circumstances behind some of the best-known and most-loved songs from the World War II era. How were the composers able to write such beautiful tunes during times of such hardship? What stories lie beneath each song? Uncover the chronicles of this memorable era of music from the 20th century.